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However, try to carry out absolutely necessary work only at individual workstations in separate rooms as best as you can. Further information can be found on the website of the Free State of Saxony on the corona virus. More information can be found in the Students tab. However, the underlying testing may not have been carried out before 5 days after entry into Germany. How can I make screen recordings (screencasts)? due to lung diseases like asthma bronchiale). Please contact Dr. Stefanie Müller (e-mail: stefanie.mueller@...). OBS is of course also suitable for screen recordings (see question: “How can I technically switch my lecture to video?”). The blog entries are constantly updated. The supervisor is entitled to issue the confirmation. The certificate must be collected in person - it cannot be sent via mail to your residential address by the Foreigners' Registration Office. How can I conduct group discussions online, for example in seminars or practical courses? How can doctoral defences currently be carried out? The gym of the Center for Sports and Health Promotion (ZfSG) at Chemnitz University of Technology were closed in March 2020. Since 6 May, 2020, the Foreigners Registration Office of the city of Chemnitz is open for personal appointments, since 1 July the regular consultation hours are available again. If there are no objections, the voting manager finally determines the result. This is necessary, for example, for enrolment when taking up studies or for taking exams which are conducted in attendance. A tripod can also be rented. The issuance of a separate certificate by Chemnitz University of Technology is currently not planned. The crisis management team or the rectorate decides on specially justified exceptional cases upon application. That means for students: During the winter semester, you can still refuse to have an exam credited even after you have received the grade. We therefore ask you to always check the homepage of Chemnitz University of Technology and this FAQ page of the Office for Security at Work and Environment Protection (BfAU). How can I reach the contact persons and offices of the Central University Administration, especially the Chancellor and the departments or the respective offices? To do so, click on the button “Record Slide Show” in the ribbon “Slide Show”. Which restrictions should I expect? On 30 April 2020, the state government of Saxony issued new regulations concerning the eligibility of emergency childcare in schools and day care in Saxony. What should I do if I am “quarantined” (domestic isolation)? You can start, stop, and view the recording (top left), write and draw in the current slide (bottom), show notes (top), and show and hide the video of your webcam or the microphone recording of your computer (bottom right). Online Platform for Academic Teaching and Learning, Education Portal Saxony: E-Learning Starting Guide, Guide for teaching and learning scenarios, Blog entry of the URZ about the workshop “Tests und Umfragen mit ONYX”, Bildungsportal Sachsen: Self-study module eExam on OPAL, Introduction and examples of the TU Dresden. 1.5 to 2 metres). Please contact section 3.2.1 - Procurement/CallCenter/IT via telephone (0371/531-12320) or e-mail. Lecturers and students will receive extensive support for this. The deadlines for all papers registered before 11 March are automatically extended by 61 days (21 in March, 30 in April, 10 in May). employees who cannot or cannot fully continue to use mobile work are only to return to their workplace - after consultation with their line manager - if they are absolutely necessary for selective and limited presence operation and if infection protection is fully guaranteed. If (additional) demand arises, students are given disposable masks by teachers and examination supervisors. on site. This will allow all participants to familiarize themselves with the tool and you will avoid unnecessary delays. on all stairs, corridors, and in jointly used rooms etc. The usual rights of students, such as the extension of deadlines for theses, remain unaffected. Clean your workplace thoroughly, especially when leaving or entering the office if you have to share it with other people (e.g. the Public Health Office of the City of Chemnitz (citizen hotline) at +49 371 488-5321 or +49 371 488-5302. via the deans' offices, central institutions, and departments by 21 December 2020. Requirements time-wise: Unavoidable interruptions in training due to the pandemic also constitute a serious reason within the meaning of § 15 section 3 BAföG. However, the underlying testing may not have been carried out before 5 days after entry into Germany. In addition to such self-tests, performance checks and even exams can be implemented. Mor information cant be found in the Students tab. Which processes remain in the current operation? Yes, this is possible in coordination with the Chemnitz health authority. Whom can I contact within Chemnitz University of Technology? If it is negative, an application according to § 48 para. All other persons are currently prohibited from entering the buildings of Chemnitz University of Technology. Please note that the current situation is subject to strong dynamics. When you record an entire lecture, very large amounts of data are created very quickly. examination schedule on the website of the Central Examination Office (ZPA). März mitgerechnet wird. section 2.3.1 of the Human Resources Department. In September 2020, University Management leased 500 Zoom educational licenses for one year. Please also use the postal service for other written correspondence concerning the organisation of your studies, such as applications for exmatriculation. If you now save the file again, it will require considerably less disk space. However, this is no general rule, but rather requires a dedicated application. that employees and students carry their TUC-Card (, with them (in addition to a valid personal document) - in case of controls on the way to or from the university due to urgently required attendance activities or the participation in lectures or examinations on site. due to the need for laboratory or technical equipment). Please contact your international partners and inform them about the information provided by the DAAD. This also applies in particular to the proof of activities in ESF-funded doctoral projects. Die Ämter der Stadt Chemnitz bleiben auch im Lockdown erreichbar. used by several people. For students who have to retake an examination in the summer semester (end of a year for the first retake; next possible date for the second retake), the deadline for retaking the examination is extended until the next possible date (usually 2020/2021 winter semester). The following requirements for the recognition of a home office must be observed: You can find detailed information about this on the web pages of the Central University Administration. in ESF and EFRE-funded third-party funded projects? In addition, you can find information on entry requirements on the websites of the ( Foreign Office and the ( Federal Police. Here you can use the tools DFNConnect and DFNConf provided by DFN. Übrigens: für Studierende der TU Chemnitz gilt, dass die Förderhöchstdauer von BAföG trotz Nicht-Anrechnung des Sommersemesters 2020 gleich bleibt . This right must also be guaranteed in the current period of the Corona Pandemic. Choose a resolution as low as possible (ppi). * due to possible need for a differentiated assessment over time, please delete as appropriate. Apartment and home office must be physically separated from each other. Teachers can use the ONYX tool to create tests to test students' knowledge on a topic covered in a course. The tax office recognises a home office in two cases: Spatial requirements: The overview is constantly updated. The Central Examination Office (ZPA) is temporarily closed to the public. web pages of the Central University Administration. Due to the expected network overload caused by live streaming, we strongly recommend that you rely on recordings and make them accessible via OPAL or the TUCcloud, for example. What is the current status of Chemnitz University of Technology? In this case, preparation and execution of the appointments in presence can be carried out independently. Until when can I cancel my registration for a (re-)exam? All persons who have to or want to be tested in Chemnitz should contact their general practitioner or go to the test ambu-lance of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Sachsen without making an appointment in advance. How many confirmed and suspected cases of the corona virus are there at Chemnitz University of Technology at the moment? The domestic quarantine can therefore be ended by a negative corona test at the earliest 5 days after entry. The resolution passed in the Senate deliberations on June 9, 2020 [...] remains unaffected.“. Will the semester ticket for public transport, which entitles you to travel by train within Saxony, for example, using your student ID, still be valid in the 2020 summer semester, even if it is currently not possible to update my TUC-Card? However, he should be offered the possibility of voluntarily wearing a mouth-nose cover. Furthermore, the University Management has given the Chairmen of the Examination Committees the opportunity to allow oral examinations and defences or colloquia of theses via video conference. may be conducted (partially) on-site. The funding will continue to be paid despite university closure. Website VideoLAN and Download VLC Multimedia Player. incidence of infection (floating weekly incidence below 50 on the day before the start of the business trip). This way, all members of the examination board have signed the same protocol, but not the same one. In addition, lists with the contact details of those present must be kept by the participants, so that contact chains can be traced if necessary. Das Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau ist ein moderner, hochschulübergreifender Dienstleister und sorgt für die soziale, wirtschaftliche, gesundheitliche und kulturelle Betreuung von über 15.000 Studierenden. The prerequisite for the implementation of on-site teaching is the mandatory observance and compliance with the hygiene concept for the implementation of on-site courses. In order to master the summer semester 2020 in a well-organized and motivated way, the team has put together a lot of valuable information on its website on the topics of online learning from home, dealing with procrastination, and support with writing projects. Da die Universität sich derzeit noch im erweiterten Stand-By-Betrieb befindet, laufen auch die Fristen noch nicht weiter. However. From May 4, 2020, however, it is permitted to use the University Library exclusively for the purpose of (interlibrary) loan. the candidate sits alone in a closed room and. However, in accordance with the Twelfth Open Letter from the President regarding the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) from 12 December 2020, the following separate measures have been adopted for the period of the turn of the year 2020/2021: Until 22 December 2020, the already communicated regulations for selective and limited presence operation will apply. If you have any questions, please consult the contact persons for the respective funding programmes at the DAAD. Where can I get tips and advice on the technical implementation of mobile work? If you have any questions, please consult the contact persons for your faculty in section 2.3.1 of the Human Resources Department. What happens if I was tested positive for the coronavirus? In der ersten Januarwoche wird die TU Chemnitz in einen "Neujahrs-Stand-by-Betrieb" versetzt. In this case, please contact the contact person in the responsible DAAD department directly, as the decision on how to deal with expenses already incurred can be made solely by the DAAD. A copy of the confirmation should be sent to the Human Resources Department for the personal file. Should this be possible in the future, we will inform you immediately here. Further information can be found on the TU4U website. You can configure this directly on your office phone or in the IdM portal: When you set up a conference call with your office phone, you must call the individual participants. What is the procedure for cancelling trips and events as part of project funding by the DAAD? The prerequisite for the implementation of on-site teaching is the mandatory observance and compliance with the hygiene concept for the implementation of on-site courses. (ZfSG) will remain closed. This restriction has since been lifted for travellers within the EU. special constructions for conducting meetings etc. However, in order to ensure that no students are excluded (albeit certainly unintentionally), a number of organisational aspects need to be considered when designing digital courses in times of the corona crisis: If the following requirements cannot yet be fully met due to the current workload and time pressure when redesigning courses, reference should be made to compensation of disadvantages for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses during their studies in accordance with § 5 no.

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